Saturday, August 4, 2007

Another geek in the con

This was the Day 1 of the Scifoo.
I will deliver a presentation about Open Source Biomedical Research and another one about skepticism and rational thinking.
Today's presentation were great, about presenting scientific data in new and innovative ways, the total amount of energy available on Earth, about systems biology and Eau D'E. coli, coli bacteria that smells like banana and about life in space. We had a lot of fun, the Googleplex is amazing and I spotted some big names in science and software development, and in SF too. And in skepticism.

I am barely awake, I will post more tomorrow. But today I met: Kim Stanley Robinson, Greg Bear, James Randi, and a lot of interesting biologists too. And I got a model of a Buckyball!

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Al said...

How about some photos of the top geeks of the planet =P

I'll continue reading about your trip, is very interesting, and I feel happy for you.

ernest said...

hi guido ...
happy that you are well escaped the disaster of the bridge and that you are so successfully in presenting your work ... I am proud to know you!

Rosaura said...

Yes, sir! I knew you could.
Stanley Robinson, eh? Lucky you!