Thursday, August 16, 2007

Medieval Times

The earthquake in Peru has been a real tragedy. Scores of dead people and the number is increasing as rescue teams find more of them in the daylight. Hospitals are damaged and a lot of them have collapsed.

But, as usual, people finds divine signs on the tragedy. This time it was the president of Peru, Alan García. According to the BBC: "President Garcia thanked God that the earthquake had not caused "a catastrophe with an immense number of victims".

Come on! If God is all mighty and benevolent this earthquake should have not occurred. And if he just leaves us alone, then it is pointless to give thanks. It is beyond my imagination why should somebody give thanks because the tragedy was not worse. If you believe that god made this or was able to stop it is like a woman thanking her husband for not hitting her harder.

I guess I am not able to see that the Jews should thank god because Hitler did not wiped them all but only several millions of them. Poor me.

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1 comment:

Al said...

As much as I'm agree with you with a lot of things (more than I believe when I first met you) there are also a lot of disagreement between us, and that's good, I think, diversify thoughts. And don't think I'm going to write always to congratulate you, ;-)

To have a religion or believe in God is not Medieval, at least not only Medieval, so we can put this adjective on it. And it make sense the argument to thank God.

Lets first asume that He exist, ok? Once we make this assupmtion, lets asume He creates the universe (first motor as the greeks says) ok, earth is part of His creation, as well as men. He puts in this universe the laws of his creation, the ones we call natural laws, as the thermodynamics laws. I know I don't have to explain you why an earthquake is made and how is related to the energy conservation. But I think you must see the importance in therms of geological issues for this planet to have these earth movements. These movements affects a lot of people, but the lack of them will harm more in a long therm.

So, the issue of thanking God allow these earthquakes occur and at the same time allow not everybody to die, I think is not absurd. Does my thinking make any sense to you?

And above all this is the respect of people believes .