Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm still alive

And rocking.

Wow, last week has been incredibly exciting. I am all wasted. Fortunately, I have two days to rest before the SCifoo.

I will try to write a longer post tomorrow, but these are the highlights:

Transvision 2007: It was a great conference. Speakers were hyper-interesting, and I met a lot of people. Maybe some projects will come out. Sorry I cannot give any detailed reviews now, but George Dvorsky is already doing the reviews, and very good ones, I must say. We had a lot of fun and he was one of the few people who attended my presentation the day before the main events.

Planning Meeting of the Millennium Project: An unimagined diversity. People form everywhere except Antarctica, in words of Jerry Glenn. A diversity of issues, and my work was recognized, and appreciated. I might begin to work as consultant applying their State of the Future Index to local nodes. Paid job!.

World Future Society: Your standard futurist mostly rich-Caucasian meeting. But there were good conferences also. A pity that I am now sick of conferences, too tired. But it was exciting, and I had a lot of things to say. Hopefully, next year they will webcast.

Interesting people I met:
Anders Sandberg
Eliezer Yudkowsky
Ron Bailey
Gregor Wolbring
Sprite X

And a whole lot more.

Funny issues: Currently I am at Minneapolis, I expected to find a lot of fundies. I did not, but as I was writing this post, there comes this guy, blond, goatee, staring at me and smiling. What the hell is this? And then he comes, he lowers into the chair and whispers "Jesus loves you". I pretend to not understand, and when he say it again, I say "Oh, man love another man. Jesus gay?". He just said "HAVE A NICE DAY, SIR"

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1 comment:

Al said...

I'm very happy that your journey came out as well as you expected.

Enjoy yourselve, and live this adventure at the maximum way.