Saturday, August 4, 2007

Alert. Orange Code.

I am not dead. I was in Minneapolis at the time the bridge collapsed, but I wasn't near it, I was at the Mall of America, the biggest mall in the USA, the temple of the religion of consumerism. And I found it pretty disappointing. Even in Venezuela there are much nicer malls. And, as most the things the stores had to offer were not interesting for me, so it was like a giant and very neat junkyard. But you know, one man's trash is another man's treasure. The Lego store was amazing. There, even I became a consumerist. The T rex was great. And I bought some Lego for my brother too. And some postcards. I will post the pics once I return home, cable is not here.

Concerning the title of this entry, it is what I have been listening since I entered at the airport in Minneapolis. In fact, I saw the message in a billboard a couple of km. before the airport. It's so strange to be here in these circumstances. The paranoia is damn real, but at the same time the people is smiling, polite (Side note: Something really awful happened at Transvision 2007 that made me painfully aware of the degree of paranoia currently experienced in the “freest country in the world”, but I will post about it later) and even the TSA officers are joking, well at least some. Certainly not the guy who inspected my laptop looking for traces of explosives. He did not looked very happy when the answer to the question “Where are you from?” turned to be “Venezuela”. To hell with him, and to hell with Chávez too.

I am currently at Denver, switching planes, waiting for going to San Francisco. But here there is not free wi-fi. Neither in the Minneapolis airport. It's more difficult than I thought to find free wi-fi, and it beats my expectations of free wireless connection becoming something like public lights. So far for agalmic connections, but, fortunately, this country is not the whole world. From the point of view of studying models for post scarcity societies, it does not matter, since I will be this afternoon at the Googleplex.

I am very nervous, now I am on the plane. Going to my baptism in Geekness (Or should I say Geekhood?). Google, there I go!

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Danila said...

any comments on transvision 2007?