Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tips ( for Open Notebook Science

Jeremiah recently posted some really useful tips about Open Notebook Science, you can see them here:

J's blog: Tips (rules?) for Open Notebook Science

A brief excerpt:

  • include high quality images in your documents; things like agarose gels will need to be zoomed in a lot to be inspected in detail; if you convert your full resolution tiff to low-quality jpeg, it'll just look like pixelated blah. Then again, you can't always use full-size images, particularly from a high megapixels camera, because the notebook will quickly become giant; so here is my suggestion:
    • if the image is small (<1mb)>
    • if it is huge but detail doesn't matter, include a decent resolution image that can be zoomed in 2-4x and still look nice
    • if it is huge and detail matters, include a decent resolution image, but also include a link to the full size image like you would for other raw data
  • construct the document in such a way that it is easily indexed by search engines (otherwise no one will find your results; people probably wont read your lab notebook for fun)

Be sure to check the tips, they are realy useful if you are going that way. I think I will post my thesis and the models before they are released, however, probably I will write almost everything in Spanish and Fortran (Maybe SBML and Mathematica too) code.

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