Tuesday, July 3, 2007

India is exposed to moral degradation

From BBC:

A vibrating condom has sparked a fierce debate in India, over whether it is a sex toy - which are banned - or a means of birth control.

The controversial condom has caused outrage in the state of Madhya Pradesh, because a government-owned company is involved in marketing it.

The pack of three condoms, branded as Crezendo, contains a battery-operated ring-like device.

Critics say it is in fact a vibrator, and should therefore be banned.

Sex toys and pornography are illegal in India.


It seems that hypocrisy and the obsession about controlling sexuality are monopoly of the west.

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1 comment:

Al said...

I have no idea that pornography and sex toys are prohibited in India, I tought that this kind of thinking was only an inheritance of the cristian western civilization, on wich, of course, I'm not proud nor agreed.

Shame on us, and shame on they to make sex a dirty topic