Sunday, July 8, 2007

More strange fusions: This time is Kraftwerk

Two year ago, shortly before I began to travel (yes, that was a milestone in my life and I refer to that frequently) I discovered Kraftwerk. I was in love with those pure sounds, sometimes a fast beat, but mostly paused notes, flowing, building a fresh, unadorned, but beatiful music. Besides, their lyrics, simple, but appealing, were something I liked, with mostly an optimistic and cheerful attitude to technology. And I was learning to code, my first useful (but very clumsy, as they are still now) programs are from that date.

And I dreamed about a better existence when I heard:

I program my home computer

Beam myself into the future


I'm the operator
with my pocket calculator

I could say my dreams have become reality in a certain way (I am real geek, I guess).
I liked a lot Kraftwerk's fusion of their electronic music with the Yodel in their song Autobahn, blending the old and the new. But now I have discovered an even more wild mix, featuring latin rythms, electronic music, Kraftwerk and colorful clothes.

It is Señor Coconut y su conjunto, these guys (Or this guy) remix Kraftwerk and blend it with latin music in turly innovative and funny ways. I even found to actually enjoy their music rather than just finding it amusing, as is often the case with these kind of covers. Anyway, this blend is unique, exciting and strange, but enjoyable, and it makes me feel at home, mixing the tropical rythms of my native culture (of one of my blend of cultures) with the high tech elements of other cultures that I crave for, giving birth to an astonding and creative synthesis.

Anyway, I have to go, gotta finnish the presentations and some code I am working in, but I leave this for those of you who are curious:

PD: Yes, it is more fun to compute!

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