Monday, July 16, 2007


Today my mother came to see me with my stepfather and my brother.
We had a meal together and they left to Valera, 4 hours from Mérida.
As I am leaving to Caracas on tuesday, they came to say good bye. I should be in Chicago the friday, and I will deliver my presentation on sunday.

I have already packed my clothes, my books and like 10 tuna cans, as I am going to be without much money this coming month. Hopefully, there will be wi-fi in a lot of places. I am lucky I will have a free hotel room in Minneapolis and free food and hotel in Mountain View, I also have a cousin in Anaheim, so Chicago is going to be the toughest place to be.

I am afraid about not delivering a good presentation, but I will do my best.

US, there I go.

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