Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vatican: Keep the good work, guys!

It is a fact that the catholic hierarchy is rotten almost completely, from head to toe. So, it is not surprising to see while the Archbishop of Mozambique, Francisco Chimoio is still on his post, despite his filthy lies about AIDS tainted condom and retroviral drugs, an unnamed high rank priest has been suspended after the Vatican found he was gay. Yet a lot of priests were simply moved after they found they were raping young boys and girls.

This might not be surprising, but it is shocking, nauseating and disgusting. To see that the ones who claim to have the moral authority of the world, the ones who claim to be the voice of the creator of the Universe in Earth, are far more concerned for consensual sex between two adult males than for vile slander aimed at killing as many people as possible, because what Chimoio said wasn't only about condoms, but also about retroviral drugs. It is very difficult for me to imagine what kind of thoughts are in Chimoio's mined, but maybe Roderigo Borgia would be able to understand the sickness, perversion and deceit inside this poisoner's mind.

But for those of us who think that the Vatican is a negative force in society this is great. There is no better way of exposing them than letting them be themselves, showing their true disregard for human life, their false piety and their hypocrisy. Catholic believers are mostly sincere, but their leaders are not, as this sad case shows us. They are more interested in condemning those who deviate from the official doctrine than in punishing those who do harm to spread that doctrine. Nothing has changed since the last 1000 years, it seems.

But, fortunately, despite Chimoio and his followers and predecessors (Once I read a letter of a priest to a newspaper claiming similar things about the condoms), medicine and technology are creating new opportunities for people who would otherwise have a death sentence. And activism is making these marvels available to more and more people each year. Here is the endearing and brave story of a man who is healthy, happy and well thanks to this combination of ingenuity and altruism. Charles story brings tears to my eyes, both of cheer because of him, and of sorrow by all those millions who are not as lucky as him, but in any case, this is an ode to life and happiness, the complete negation of the love of this Archbishop for death and misery that keeps people in the necessary fear for not questioning their beliefs. Some day we will have a cure and a vaccine and that day despite you, Archbishop, and despite all the fear mongers, life will prevail.

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