Monday, October 8, 2007

I'd kill for initial conditions

Long frustrating weekend, trying to run the model of Guerra. I did exactly what the thesis said, the kinetic equations are right, the differential equations are right too, the names of each constant and variable are right, hell, I even corrected mistakes in nomenclature. And still the model does not run according to his results. I guess the initial conditions are not the correct ones, since I find singularities or imaginary solutions when I run the model (after hours of running the NDSolve command, btw). The initial conditions are not explicitly stated on the thesis, neither there is an appendix with the code of the model. Neither I can find an online model (As I can find Bakker's model of Trypanosoma brucei glycolysis) in Mathematica. I guess I'll have to learn XML and Cellml. JITT for me, it seems, although I am getting tired of not making any process despite all I am learning.

I will try more things before giving up, besides I still have to run the model in Fortran.

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