Monday, October 8, 2007

Ten Commandments of Systems Biology

From Computational Biology news, a superb blog by Animesh Sharma:

Commandments in Systems Biology:

Joseph X. Zhou notes Prof. Denis Nobel's on systems-biology in the blog.
Commandment 1 (C1): Gene itself has no functions.
C2: Transmission of information is NOT one-way
C3: DNA is not sole transmitter of inheritance
C4: Theory of biology Relativity
C5: Gen ontology will fail without high-level insight
C6: There is not “genetic program”
C7: There is no program at any other level
C8: No program from any level, including brain
C9: Life is the self integrated process, not an object or substance.
C10: There are many more to be discovered, the theories of biology do NOT yet exist. Seeking theory/ies is real challenge in system biology.
I do not like C10. What about evolution? If we are talking only about Systems Biology it might be true, but if we are talking of all Biology, then C10 is plainly wrong. And C1, well, what is any
part of a biological system without the other parts, C9 states it clearly?
It could be rewritten to be more accurate, I think.

Despite my objections these seem to be some interesting principles worthy of more discussion.

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