Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What are you hiding, Julius Baer?

The Bank Julius Baer has sued Wikileaks in California. Wikileaks is a website that publishes documents leaked by whistblowers of governments and corporations. BJB was successful in shutting down one domain of Wikileaks that was registered in the US, while leaving intact many more. They were also successful in alerting the world that they have many ugly secrets, including harassing people and attracting lots of undoubtedly unwanted attention.

It is funny to see the failure of all the pathetic efforts to hide and censor. It is great to see how many of the corporate people are still living in the 20th century and acting in that way, only to have it backfire through their lack of vision and intelligence. Hopefully, they will give us more moments of pleasure and joy in the future before they finally understand this strategy does not work in this era and will never work again. And hopefully, once they understand that, we will have new tools and tactics to fight secrecy, oppression, ignorance and injustice.

This is the Technoliberation age, folks.
We are not the Lernaean Hydra, no. We have even more heads, we are more resilient. Coercion and censorship are not the way to deal with modern transparency.
Money laundering and tax evasion cause hurt to a lot of people and deserve to be punished. The Swiss are smart enough to thrive in a world where corrupt bastards no longer store their money in Swiss banks. Maybe the ones who are scared are just the ones who are not creative or smart enough to make a living off intellectual effort and hard labor, rather than just hiding other people's money from the legitimate owners, as many times is the case.

Thank you very much, gentlemen of the BJB. Now, thanks to you, a lot more people know about your practices and about the things you are trying to hide.

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