Sunday, February 17, 2008

Isn't Islam a religion of peace?

That is the claim of a lot of Muslims.
Others just try to silence dissent, claim "Blasphemy" and threaten people who depicts images of the prophet. Others do the latter while claiming that Islam is peaceful. And many of them want to keep us quiet. No. What is going to happen is that we are going to post even more of this type of image and we are going to use our creativity to make fun of you and of your beliefs. I am sorry if moderate Muslims are offended by it, but we are are offended by all the oppression that non-Muslim, women and many people endures under Muslim fundamentalists. And few people seems to care in the Muslim world. If you really care about Islam's image problem, then help to fight that kind of people and make noise when they hurt innocent people.

Misquoting Depeche Mode:

I do want to start fucking
blasphemous rumors
and I don't think that God
has any sense of humor

And if I die
I expect to find
damn nothing

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Ál said...

I had met some muslims here in the University, and definitelly not of the fanatic kind, actually not even one, and there are a lot.

Unfortunatelly, the actions of the fanatics tend to eclipse the millions of good muslims around the world.

Can we judge that millions for just a few? I don't think so.

Can we stay moveless and indiferent with the actions of the fanatics? Hell no!

We have to put things in proportion, act when necesary, but fighting intolerance with intolerance is even worst.

Anonymous said...