Saturday, December 8, 2007

Panama: Mandarin part of school curriculum

Whether we like it or not, China is rising, and some countries are beginning to acknowledge it. Now Panama, whose Canal China is the biggest user, will make Chinese mandatory on its schools. I have ambivalent feeling, as I like the more diverse world that we are heading to, but I am very concerned about China's lack of respect for human rights, its ruthlessness and authoritarianism.

However, this is a sure sign that the Empire of the West is weaning. I am not fond of the US, certainly, it has behaved on a way that has caused too much grief around the world and it still does. But no one can assure that China will do better. And no one who had ever had the power has abstained from using it, so maybe for now the cycle won't be broken, but certainly the future is holding a lot of uncertainty and new political actors might arise. Maybe it won't be so gloomy for HR.

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