Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Children accused of witchcraft are killed by American style Christian fundamentalists in Nigeria

This totally revolting and shows why we must stand up and fight religion. Fight every superstition, spread skeptic ideas. Not all religious people are like this, fortunately, but the fact of believing that blind faith is good and that inquiry is bad, can easily lead to this monstrosity.

These children are victims of "pastors" who abuse them and live from the naivety and cruelty of their fathers. Worse is that these pastors are not that different from a lot of local (and American) pastors, with their insistence in the reality of demons.

Things like this make me sick, but also painfully aware of the necessity of helping to the coming of a better society, of the utility of educating people and trying to get the youngsters into critical thinking. The West was no better 1000 years ago, but now we know how to change things, we know how education can improve things, we know how technology can help people. Hopefully this won't last much time, if public outrage spreads and Nigeria is pressed into doing something (But they also have oil, so they might be not pressed at all). Please, reader, share this video and make that happen. Let's try to help these poor children, one of them could be a developer of key solutions to some of our current problems in the future. We are at risk now, we cannot allow to waste any more ingenuity, our survival as species is at risk.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the commentator may call this abuse by christians, but it is actually just a thin veneer of western religion over the native animism. Those are ANIMIST witchcraft beliefs, with nothing to do with Christianity. If you asked around without your AntiChristian predjudice, you would find the same actions taken by the native animist 'priests' against children, adults, etc.

As for the text comments saying Religion is bad, atheism is good... I seem to remember some folks were talking about that 50-60 years ago or so... Oh yes, that perfect society of Stalin and the millions they killed... for believing in God.
Now, tell me again how all the ills of the world are caused by religion.

Anonymous because I don't have time to stay and listen to more prejudiced blather.

Guido said...

As far as I remember, witches were prosecuted in Europe and in the US by Christians, without Animist intervention.

And I am not criticizing Christianism per se, but the acts of blind faith and lack of critical thinking.

I did not blogged about acts of Animists, because what I read was about Christians. If I had read about animists, I would have done exactly the same thing, as what I am against is not a single religion rather than an attitude of blind faith and submission to authority. It is not about antichristian prejudice, I have criticized Islam and tribal practices in the past. And I have seen Christian, American-style pentecostals, speak about the reality of demons and how they cause everything from Homosexuality to the Flu, here in Venezuela.

Maybe you are the one who is blinded, paranoid (let me guess, American?, from... Kansas? Colorado?, Indiana?) and thinks that everybody that disagrees from his narrow worldview has antichristian prejudice.

And I have never said "Atheism good, religion bad". So, if you claim I actually said or wrote that, prove it or you are a liar.

You actually said that Stalin had a perfect government, not me. I despise Stalin like the greatest tirant humanity has ever seen. And people was not only killed for beliving in god, rather than just because they oppose in one way or the other to Stalin. Please do not make it a mass persecution targeted exclusively to Christians because it was NOT. Stop playing the victim.

And some of the ills of the world are caused by blind faith, whether in Christianism or in Dialectical Materialism.

And you are anonymous because your arguments are rather weak and because you know it. I am not an apologist of Stalinism.

Kelli said...

Thank you for posting.This needs to stop!
Could you please consider signing my three petitions? They are for the children of Nigeria. They are being abused, abandoned and killed because pastors of churches are telling there parents that they are witches.

Children are targets of Nigerian witch hunt

Stop Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries of Nigeria from hurting anymore precious children for money.

Stop the churches in Nigeria from endangering children's lives to extort money from there parents.

If you have already signed Thank you. Please pass this on to your friends.

Thank you for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Rather than making this a Christian versus Atheist rant, how about us all working together to stop this. After all, I can see no way these children are benefitted by a religious discussion on the merits of faith, do you?

Personally, as a Christian, I would like nothing better than to work against the sort of church who blame children for the evil around them rather than looking into their own hearts.

Guido said...

Again, this is not a Christianity Vs. Atheism rant.
I clearly said that not all religious people are like that and that the enemy is lack of independent thinking and superstition. If to you those elements are synonymous with Christianism, you have a worse opinion of your religion than I do. If you are American remember that was inquiry what separated your flavor of Christianity from the Catholic variety.

Kelli said...

It's both, they are enter twining the two to extort the parents of the children and the communities. Using your energy discussing which religion it is or is not won't help the children. I have published another petition to help them. The targets are:

President Umaru Musa Yar'adua,
Nigerian Children's Parliament (NCP) and the Christian Association of Nigeria

The link is Demand A Law To Stop The Labeling Of Children As Witches petition

Please do the right thing and sign the petition.