Thursday, November 29, 2007

XO Laptop: Field test

An analysis from the BBC shows the experience of a Nigerian school who have had the XO laptop since March.

This test shows both the problems and promises of widespread use of computers for education in developing countries.
Yes, the kids get distracted, yes some laptops get "lost", but, in the other hand, some of the kids have learned to fix broken laptops, everybody seems to learn faster and now they feel proud and empowered. Soon they will begin to code and solve some of their problems using computers, probably they will begin to make money of it in a constructive way (unlike Nigerian scammers).

I hope that this test is only a small sample of the things to come. Hopefully the world will change beyond recognition, as our world has already done.

This is certainly exciting and an example of what makes me feel happy these days, despite everything, of what makes me think I am really lucky to be living in this global era.

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