Monday, November 26, 2007

Indonesia leads the way

Indonesia says that its sharing of the Avian Flu virus samples is conditioned to developing nations being guaranteed access to affordable vaccines.

I think that this is an excellent attitude and a sign of what others should do, stand in front of the developed countries and ask what is fair. It is not being selfish, as its Health Minister asks clearly for vaccines not only for Indonesia but for developing countries. It is time to stop exploitation and and let the developed countries know that the times have changed. This is a delicate matter of global surviving, if there is no way that we can all benefit from it, but only the rich people, Why should we be expected to collaborate for our own doom?

And, by the way, Reuters' choice for the heading really annoys me: "Indonesia says no to bird flu virus sharing". That is simply not true, Indonesia is willing to share if its terms are met. Why don't they say "Developed countries refuse to share vaccines"?

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