Monday, September 24, 2007

Some pics from SciFoo

Finally I downloaded the pics from my camera and posted them to Flickr. Here there are some.

A really funny picture, with a standing Tim O'Reilly at Google and an "Server not found" error on the web browser.

This is the way that a self organized schedule board looks. Personally, I love it, and the overall result was a wild display of creativity. It worked very well, not surprisingly.

Some of the attendants.

People at Google work really hard it seems. Even when you are pissing you can improve your coding! Keep going that way, guys, your work makes our lives easier. And I should learn to use time on that way.

James Randi, our secular saint!

Greg Bear and Kim Stanley Robinson. Soon(?) I will post about their presentations. KSR was already one of my favorite SF writers. Now I like his work even more. I better save my opinion about Bear for later...

The RepRap, the macro almost-self-replicant machine that soon will manufacture its own pieces. A really mind blowing device, even in this early stage of development. If it can deliver its promises it will change a lot of things for a lot of people.

Walking around that wonderful place, I stumbled upon the answer to the Ultimate Question!

A truly Agalmic environment, according to me. Maybe I will write something serious about it when I am done with my thesis. Someday, I guess.

To come: More reviews about SciFoo and some more pics about the Amazing and Depressing things I saw in the US.

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