Monday, May 11, 2009


Chávez dixit:
"Wealthy people are not humans, they are animals, animals with human shape."

I am not rich, not at all.
But I have never seen in all human history, a situation where the government or authority claim that some people are not human ending without a blood bath.

I feel sick, sad, broken in the inside.

Because being rich is evil.
To be rich, er, go on accumulating wealth
And land, look
"I am the Lord of the prairie"(dramatizing)
duh, you are a poor imbecile (jerk?)
Even more so, you are not a man
You are not human!
The rich is not human
I say so
And I respond for it
The rich is not human at all!
He is an animal with human shape
He is an animal with human shape!
Now, if a rich now stands up and says
"Chávez is offending me"
well, OK (shrugs)
feel offended
Now, you want to be human?
That's why Christ said what he said (pointing finger to man's chest)
because Christ went to talk to him

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