Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chinese student targeted by patriotic assholes

According to BoingBoing:

A Chinese student at Duke who participated in pro-Tibet protests on campus -- after befriending her Tibetan dorm-mate -- has become the target of brutal online and offline attacks. Thousands of nationalist Chinese thugs (some claiming to be Duke students) see her actions as "traitorous," and have threatened her with personal attacks in comment threads and, apparently, in person.

Online, the bullies have posted her photograph, her US phone number, Chinese identity card number, her parents' address and home number in China. Offline, her parents' home in Qingdao is said to have been attacked with rocks, and her parents are now in hiding.

Another example of how silly, irrational, evil and dangerous can patriotism be.

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1 comment:

Michael G.R. said...

Your comment at the end is right on the money. Nativists are dangerous.