Monday, May 21, 2007

Some short fiction

I have been somewhat busy and lazy at the same time. Now I have a lot of things to write, but I am trying to express them in a proper way.

Meanwhile, here is some short fiction I wrote two years ago. I was thinking about writing a short story based on it, but it seems I never will, as I never have time, and now, in middle of my thesis, less than ever. So, I decided to post it after I understood that ultra short fiction is worthy too, thanks to my friend Marcelo Rinesi, whose blog is full of beautiful tiny gems:

Now, my piece non-original writing:

Suddenly everybody had something to say.

The people became connected in mass. The settling of free Wi-Fi
connections in almost every major city and the price drop of
workstations made a social revolution. No one had time anymore.
Everybody kept posting in forums, where the number of threads became
gigantic. And once they needs were covered they wanted to know more
about other people's desires. They realized their corner of the world
was tiny and cozy, and that the vast majority of the human kind lived
without clean water, food and of course, wireless connection. But they
had no time to scan the news, to read their books, just to keep
posting and follow every interesting trend that abruptly sparked their
interest. Besides a real work, of course. So, the implants became a
moral necessity for them. They had to change to world, having fun

Yes, I am overstating. It was not everybody. But it really was an
issue that a significant fraction of the society felt more comfortable
with some guys in Tokyo, Gerona, Istanbul and Santiago than with their
neighbours. It felt awkward back at that time. It was the global
discovery of a thing every teenager has felt once: You choose your
friends, not your family. You may born surrounded of total strangers,
of people who are polite, but do not understand you. This was the same
at a world wide scale.

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1 comment:

Al said...

Touching indeed was this writing. Fiction you say? I rather say reallity.

It's a fact that you chose your own friends, you chose the people to be confort with, you search for people with the same interest, dreams. And it doesn't matter if that people is next to your home door or thousand kilometers away. And I think it's a valid way, virtual comunities and friends are a important reality of today's world.

How ever, it's also a fact that we, that have the privilege to have access to this technology some times do not realize about all the poverty and inequities on this planet. Are we Selfish, or just want to be ignorants to be confortable with our little privileges?, some times we feel better, just to complaining and rise our voices but keep our hands only on the keyboard.